Before Avatar…A Curious Boy

“Curiosity – it’s the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality.”

This TEDtalk is just as much about science and life as it is about film. As someone who grew up with and still loves science fiction and the idea of exploring other worlds, James Cameron’s mentality is one that I can relate to. There are many ways to explore our own world – what is familiar, unfamiliar and yet undiscovered – and film has the ability to both fuel and facilitate that innate curiosity we all have. For Cameron, this ranges from using his film Titanic to be able to explore the actual wreckage of the ship, to pioneering filmmaking technology to put new worlds on screen in Avatar. What I have always loved about fantasy and science fiction stories is how they encourage curiosity, creativity and imagination – all of which are characteristics that make for innovative filmmaking.

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