“Not Dylan”

One of the most talked about films in recent months is the latest by the Coen brothers, Inside Llewyn Davis. Today, I saw a post by NPR with the star of the film, Oscar Isaac, including both an interview about the film and what it was like to be in it as well as a segment at the end in which they asked him questions about “filk” music. Now, some of you may not know about filk music, but as it’s a topic touched upon in research for my thesis, my attention was caught. Filk music is written by and for science fiction fans and is often related to folk music. Fans of, say, Star Trek, may write filk songs about their favorite characters and stories from the series and they are often performed at conventions. It’s not uncommon for fandoms now to use filk music as a way to bond as a community and show admiration for a particular film, TV series, book series, or whatever catches their fancy.

So take a listen, there’s an entertaining story about Isaac’s research process for the role of Llewyn Davis as well as fun bits about what it was like filming the movie, in particular working with his cat. And it’s not even ten minutes long, so it’s perfect for a quick break from work, school or whatever else you fill your days with.

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