You Could Be A Jedi

It’s been all over the internet lately: there are open casting calls being held across the US and UK for Star Wars VII.

Casting directors are currently looking to fill two lead roles for the upcoming film: Rachel, a 17-year-old girl who is a “survivor” despite having lost her parents at a young age, and Thomas, who is smart but unsure of himself due to the absence of his father while growing up. Sound like a character you could pull off? Go ahead and give it a shot, you may be the one they’re looking for.

Last week, an article on circulated my Facebook newsfeed as my friends back home spread the word of the exciting opportunity coming up. On Sunday, auditions were held in my hometown St Louis, MO in the US and while reports vary, at least 1,000 people turned up to try their hand at nabbing one of two lead roles up for grabs.

As reported by the BBC, events in London (23-24 November at Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, E2 9EG from 10am-2pm), Manchester and Dublin among others are still upcoming in the next few weeks, but auditions have been held over two days already in Bristol and saw at least 2,500 eager participants. An article by Rolling Stone even reports that around 4,500 showed up over the weekend to audition in Bristol.

And now there’s another way to try for one of the roles: online auditions. So if you want to give it a shot, just go to Cast It Talent’s website and send in a video. No need to queue out in the rain for hours only to get turned away because they have reached their daily limit.

Given the popularity of the films, there is sure to be a huge turnout for these open casting calls and I’m sure the casting directors will have a hefty task ahead of them with choosing who will play the two lead roles. And to be honest – who wouldn’t want to have their own lightsaber?

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