Pitch Perfect (2012)

I’m late to the game with Pitch Perfect.

For some reason it has taken me a year to see it despite hearing all the good reviews of it. Anna Kendrick is great in all her films and I had heard the cup song on the radio so I have no excuse for not having seen it sooner, especially given my weakness for musicals. Pitch Perfect is an entertaining contribution to the genre as part of the a-capella trend in shows lately. It’s the story of college student Beca, played by Kendrick, who has anti-social tendencies, a dream to move to L.A. and make music, and an unsupporting father. Ultimately, it’s a coming of age story for her as she learns to open up and step outside her comfort zone.

The movie revolves around an all-girl a-capella group named The Barden Bellas and their rival all-male group the Treblemakers and it ends up being as much  a story of growth for the group as a whole as it is of Beca herself. At the beginning of the film we see the previous year’s national championship that The Bellas blow (a bit literally), and so it is just as much about the group pulling themselves together with new members and finding their rhythm. Their leader begins trying to control the direction of the group, focusing on tradition, without using the new members’ unique characteristics to really be impressive and come up with songs/compositions that are new and creative.

It also stars Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine (of ‘Workaholics’ fame) who add a lot to the comedy in the film. The most memorable lines of the film come from their characters and Wilson’s character in particular provides a contrast to the group’s lead singer, Aubrey, because she has no shame. She says exactly what she’s thinking and doesn’t hold back to spare feelings (“You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave.”) and often simply says what everyone else is thinking.

Well worth the money to buy or rent, it’s a great film for a relaxing Friday night in with a bowl of popcorn.

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